Cost & Contact Information

Wolseley, SK, just off Highway #1, just follow the signs.

Price: Carload $25

Radio Sound:
Now offering Digital and 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo
106.9 FM
1610 AM

Full Concession
Cash Only

Phone (306) 698 – 2388

Visit us on Facebook

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13 Responses to Cost & Contact Information

  1. BRYON WW says:

    A thursday deal would give some incentive to make the drive. Out of towners

  2. Shey says:

    Are you still open for Sept? Looking for Sept move schedule..

    • ddolter says:

      Yes we are. We will be showing Petes Dragon on sept 2,3,4 and Big Friendly Giant as a second show on Sunday Sept. 4 double bill. The September program will be out soon.

  3. Ayy says:

    If there aren’t movies playing can me and a couple friends hang out there? Without breaking or stealing of course.

    And, are you guys still open?
    And when are you closing?
    Thank you, bye.

  4. Karen says:

    When does your business open for 2017?

  5. Maeve says:

    hi just wondering what your full menu is and pricing (trying to plan how much cash to bring)

  6. Ron says:

    When looking up drive in etiquette. I found that some people bring lawn chairs and coolers of food and drinks. Sitting outside their vehicles.Sometimes consuming alcohol. Is this allowed there. As a drive in Newby I don’t want to offend.

    • ddolter says:

      Some people do choose to sit outside their vehicle. Our concession has lots of options for you to choose from.

      It’s not a legal place to drink and we have no control on what people bring in. As long as it is discrete and you have a save ride home.

  7. Figment says:

    Can you explain what RV’s welcomed means. Is it just that we are allowed to drive an RV in, but once the movie finishes – we must leave? Is there camping nearby?

    • ddolter says:

      You are able to stay the night or 2. You just pay the admission for the days you stay. We leave the bathrooms open but we have no services for the Rv. There is a campsite called Sleepy Hollow nearby as well.

  8. Clinton Crampton says:

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